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Magpie QA showing a test screen for a screenshot

I worked on this project at Magpie Technology in .

Over the past several months I have been working the design and development of a project to take our QA checks to the next level. To start with the emphasis has been on simple screenshot checking. A keyboard-driven interface allows the data quality analyst check the data rapidly. Multiple tests are pre-loaded in the front-end to ensure there is no waiting around, and input is kept to a minimum.

The project, built with Laravel and vue.js, has been expanding across many of our projects to help us check our live data collection, as well as to UAT our new data sources yet to be put live. It now covers:

  • General snapshot collection
  • Brand Prominence, our product that monitors the prominence of different brand on retailer websites
  • Brand Compliance, our product that lets our clients audit how a their brand is presented on their partner and reseller websites
Magpie QA showing a test screen for carousels
In Brand Compliance, we capture evidence of products shown in carousels. Magpie QA helps us check ensure these are captured accurately.

For Brand Compliance, we check the audits of clients partner website data on a weekly basis. Magpie QA has been critical to helping us check the data each week to make sure any issues in data collection can be corrected before the audits are relased, and is a key part of our strategy enable us to scale up the amount of partner websites we can monitor.

Clubhouse Integration

We manage the weekly audits and fixes using Clubhouse. The QA platform integrates with the Clubhouse API to automatically move the stories between workflow states during data collection, as well as managing the labels, tasks and comments on the stories. This compeltely streamlines the QA process and keeps admin at a minimum.

Clubhouse board where fixes are managed

Read more about Brand Compliance on the Magpie website.



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I worked on this project at Magpie Technology in .