Tablet showing the design of the Memo website

I worked on this project at a dozen eggs in .

Memo is a digital monitoring platform, comprised of a smart hub and sensors, a smartphone app, and an online dashboard. The app allows family members and carers to monitor an elderly or vulnerable person, and the dashboard can give insights to local authorities to help them allocate their resources and look after their constituents.

The Memo website

Jo had extended the Memo brand, building upon their existing logo and adding a colour palette, type styles, icons and lifestyle imagery. I worked together with Jo on the website. The design had to educate visitors about the platform, give them confidence in it, and generate leads.

The structure we created introduced one concept at a time, to make it easy to digest. Animations are used throughout the site to give it a premium and trustworthy feel. And a Mailchimp signup was used at the foot of each page.

Interactive graphic demoing the Memo app on an iPhone
The Memo iPhone app section demonstrates how the notification timeline works. It gives glanceable and up-to-date information, to give peace of mind.
Graph showing how Memo tracks activity throughout the house
The graph animation demonstrates how changes in patterns of behaviour can trigger alerts.
Illustrated animation showing glowing door hinge sensors
The sensors glow to illustrate how the monitoring system works. The animations were created by Michelle in After Effects, and played back using Lottie.
3D render of the Memo hub
I worked with Memo to create 3D renderings of the hub and its sensors, which they rendered using KeyShot. The hub rotates when scrolled in to view.
Window showing the design of the Memo website
On the Insights page we demonstrate the dashboard functionality using animated data visualisations. I worked with Michelle to get them feeling just right.

Read more about the Memo project on the a dozen eggs website, or visit the Memo website.


Helter Skelter

Tablet showing the design of the Helter Skelter website

I worked on this project at a dozen eggs in .